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100% Recommended

"This Symposium raises the bar for our entire corner of the industry in terms of quality of work and professionalism." "I think this is a good opportunity for people wanting to get into the field to learn more, and a good networking opportunity for people already established and looking to change their direction or strengthen their portfolio." "A great way to expand one's horizons." "I've already begun thinking of wine writers who I will encourage to attend."   

They Liked It, too!

"Without question, the Symposium is an excellent means for writers, editors, somms, publishers and others to meet and exchange ideas in community." "Always a source of learning, connecting and seeing magic happen before our eyes." "Lots of value in spending a week with people I admire and want to emulate." "It was a great experience. An amazing breadth of talent and experience; a good balance between the wisdom of age and the exuberance of youth. Honestly, I left exhilarated and grateful to have been part of it."       

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